Corporate & Finance

Your fully licensed corporate and fiduciary service provider; available to incorporate and administer all corporate structures.

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Undoubtedly the leader in ship and yacht registration under the Malta flag with a dedicated ship and yacht agency department.

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Legal & Assurance

GMX comprises a fully-fledged Law Firm and licenced Audit Firm.

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At hand to offer the best travel packages, including flights, car hire and hotel accommodation.

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Real Estate

Be it condominium services, renovation and/or refurbishment of properties,
this is your property and project management company.

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Conferences & Events

A dynamic organisation focused on organising and coordinating conferences and exhibitions.

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Ensuring our commitment to the digitalisation of as many services as possible; offering you full control.

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Corporate Social REsponsibility

Ensuring the group’s commitment to constantly give back to the wider community.

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Your Corporate & Fiduciary Partner in Malta

GM Corporate and Fiduciary Services Limited

GMC is a duly licensed fiduciary company which has over the years developed from its original focus of offering services related to the formation and maintenance of corporate structures, although this remains to date, a very active market. It is primarily concerned with the design and administration of tax efficient structures under local legislation to suit the requirements of the individual international client in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Your Maritime Partner in Malta

GM International Services Limited

Founded in 1977, GM International Services Ltd is the largest and longest established ship registration service company in Malta. Throughout the years, its list of international clients and associates has grown rapidly and so far has attracted well over 50 million tons to the Malta flag and over 1800 shipping companies. GM International Services Ltd is undoubtedly the leader in ship and yacht registration under the Malta flag.

Your Conference & Exhibitions Partner in Malta

GM International Conferences and Exhibitions Limited

GM International Conferences & Exhibitions Limited is a dynamic organisation with professionalism and sterling customer service at its core. The company offers a comprehensive service to both its local and international clients.

Your Legal & Assurance Partner in Malta

Gauci-Maistre Xynou (Legal | Assurance)

Gauci-Maistre Xynou is the brand under which our team of dedicated professionals offer bespoke legal and assurance services.
It is an established law firm in Malta with a team of advocates warranted to practise law in Malta or their respective jurisdictions and exclusively authorised to provide legal services under the Gauci-Maistre Xynou brand.

Your Property Partner in Malta

Estrestates Limited

Estrestates Limited is a management company that takes care of all the properties owned by the Economicard/GM brand.
The company is handling the whole spectrum of property-related matters.

Your Travel Partner in Malta

Economicard Worldwide Limited

Economicard provides its clients with the best packages and high standard services, including flights, car hire as well as hotel accommodation.

Your partner for your e-services


Ensuring our commitment to the digitalisation of as many services as possible; offering you full control.

Your partner for Social Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

GM For You established a coherent and consistent approach in the way the various companies carry out their activities and interact with the wider community, advocating that the company is transparent and ethical in all its actions and makes a positive contribution to the community at large.

147/1, St. Lucia Street
Valletta VLT 1185
Tel: +356 21235341